Thursday, 8 October 2015

Construction Safety

Construction sites are places where hazards exist and safety regulations must be understood and followed to maintain the health and well being of workers. The guidelines, for each industry, can be found in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHS).  In British Columbia Worksafe is the institution that regulates health and safety. It is the duty of employers to make sure this regulation is followed and to inform and educate the employees. People entering a new field of work should also take the time to inform themselves of these regulations. Safety is a concern for all working people whether you are in a classroom teaching or on a construction site. If you want you can even have the OHS regulation as a mobile app so you can have the information available on site.

Section 115(1)(a), Act - General duties of employers
(1) Every employer must
(a) ensure the health and safety of
(i) all workers working for that employer, and
(ii) any other workers present at a workplace at which that employer's work is being carried out…
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